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Designed as a safe method of igniting samples when using the oxygen flask combustion procedure
• Safe and reproducible
• Two tungsten-halogen lamps
• Aluminum chamber
• Thick, black acrylic observation window
Used for the determination of sulphur, halogens, phosphorus, fluorine, boron and some trace metals in organic materials. Reflectors focus the infrared heat from the lamps onto a small area approximately 10 cm above the center of the chamber. Lamps only operate when chamber door is fully locked. “START" switch fires lamps for 10 seconds preset internally. In the event of a flask explosion, pressure is vented safely through holes in the chamber and any glass fragments are contained within the chamber. Metal cabinet has aluminum interior for rigidity and corrosion resistance.
使用该氧瓶燃烧装置采用EN14582:2007 的标准方法处理样品,来进行材料中硫、卤素、磷、硼等成分以及有机物材料中微量的金属成分的分析。采用聚焦反射的方式裂解样品,安全的防护腔体和耐腐蚀保护使得操作更简易。


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